Why I Stopped Reading (And Writing About) Natural news (naturalnews.com)

So at around 5AM today I was completely consumed by insomnia and decided to move from my Blogspot location and purchase my own domain name, set up this new site, and start fresh.  I initially stopped writing on my other site because I am going to school at UC Berkeley, but it also was influenced by sheer fatigue.  I simply cannot delve through the sludge that is Natural News every single day anymore.  It is too frustrating, too sad, and too disgusting.  I also realized that every time I clicked on his web site I was giving the health danger money from ad revenue, and the last thing I want is to make him wealthier even in the small way I may have contributed.

With the election of Donald Trump that site has become even more intolerable and self congratulatory.  But now I have a new site, a bit more free time after navigating my first semester at Cal, and a desire to get back to writing.  It is a release for me.  Writing gives me the ability to compose my thoughts and present them to the world, so i will continue writing, branching my topics out in new areas beyond medical pseudoscience into politics and social issues (I am a political science major after all) and I hope that anyone who stumbles into this site will enjoy what they read.  I will move some of my old articles over here, and I may from time to time revisit natural news or any of the other snake oil peddlers out there, but I am excited for this new start and I hope you are too.

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Siserough is a writer, political scientist, student, and hockey player who lives in Berkeley, CA. Go Bears!

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