A Late Post About Holocaust Remembrance Day, Refugees, And Skittles.

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Yesterday Donald Trump signed an executive order banning Syrian refugees and refugees from other Middle East countries.  We all know this by now.  But yesterday was also Holocaust remembrance day.  The day the world remembers the millions who lost their lives because others refused to act.  Because people went along with a regime that had no respect for human rights.

How in the living fuck did nobody at the white house have enough of a brain to realize that on HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY THE PRESIDENT SHOULD NOT SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER BANNING REFUGEES!!!  Is there even one neuron firing over there?

In 1939 the U.S. turned away a ship full of Jewish refugees from the Nazis.  Luckily other countries took in some, but of the 620 returned to Europe almost half were killed.  This is the same exact situation except that now people travel on airplanes instead of ships.  The Syrian people are being massacred despite the shaky ceasefire in place.  President Bashar Al Assad has been indiscriminately murdering his own people for years, and rather than assist Trump sides with the dictator Putin.  They want to escape, but just like the Jews they are being denied entry at all shores.  Sent back to their countries and to their horrible deaths.

There is, of course, no reason to be surprised by this.  It’s one of his campaign promises that we have known for months, but the sheer stupidity of the date picked is staggering.

Before I transferred to UC Berkeley I had the good pleasure of taking a Spanish class with three young men who had immigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan.  They were interpreters who had put their own lives on the line in order to help our soldiers.  Any interpreters who now attempt to come into the country will face a very hard road to get here.  

It also means this boy cannot come to America.

Refugees Omran

His name is Omran.  The world met him after his apartment collapsed and his brother was killed.  Yet to Trump his name is just Syrian refugee, or more likely, potential terrorist.

All we have heard about from Trump and his lackeys is the threat of terrorism is too large to allow refugees in.  It made me think of a story from last year after Trump’s son tweeted an image of a bowl of skittles.  While I wish I had come up with the best response to it, I didn’t.  That award goes to comedian and magician Eli Bosnick.

Refugees Eli Bosnick

The difference between Donald Trump and my side, the side that is correct, the side that cares about human rights.  Is Trump would never touch those skittles.  Despite constant refrain than “no one cares about (insert thing here) more than me” trump truly doesn’t give a fuck about murdered innocent people.  He views refugees as no more important than a skittle.

I guess the only thing to be grateful for is that Trump pussied out like a bitch, as usual, and didn’t fulfill his campaign promise to ban all Muslims.


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