A Short List Of Real Actions You Can Take To Resist Trump

We have to live with it people.  We have to live with the fact that a minority of the country elected a man who said he can “grab them by the pussy”.  A climate change denier who doesn’t care about human rights and thinks his inauguration crowd was doubleplusgood.  We let him win because none of us thought it would really happen.  We thought it was such an insane possibility that none of us showed up to vote.  Now it is time to resist.

But there are definitely things we can do to limit his damage.  I am heartened to see the millions of people who are calling for resistance and dogging Trump every step of the way, calling all of his bullshit.

But a hashtag does not change anything.  We all know Trump doesn’t give a flying fuck about polls or real numbers.  Even if every single twitter changed to include #resist he wouldn’t care.  We need concrete ways to resist.

So I have put together a list of real actions that anyone can do to actively resist the Trump administration on a variety of issues.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so I will add to it as situations change.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section or send them to me.


If you are so inclined to let a business know that you want them to stop doing business with Trump, it is not enough to simply not shop there.  You have to let them know why you aren’t shopping there.  Send them a tweet, an email, facebook message, let them know why they are losing money.

Check grabyourwallet.org.  The fine people at grabyourwallet.org have compiled a list of organizations that endorse Trump or sell his products.  If you want a good and thorough list of businesses to avoid check there.

Dump Zappos.com. (Added 1/30/17 3PM) Zappos sells vanka Trump shoes and accessories. Following boycotts their competitor shoes.com dropped all Trump products.  Let Zappos know they should do the same.


Resist Climate Change 

The Trump administration has been talking about leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, support the Keystone and DAPL pipelines, cut the climate page of the EPA web site, and restricted the EPA’s ability to use twitter.  The moron in chief even used the phrase, “clean beautiful coal” at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia.

  • Buy solar.  While this applies under any circumstances, it is doubly important now.  With Trump’s idiotic plans to return the U.S. to using dirty coal power we simply need to make those efforts pointless.  Solar prices are dropping constantly, while the systems become more efficient and durable.  For more information on going solar look here.
  • Make your next car a hybrid or electric vehicle.   The major automakers have announced that they are moving into production of larger vehicles.  In addition we are likely to see Trump push back against the mileage requirements enacted under the Obama presidency.  So show automakers that we don’t care if gas is cheap, we care about not destroying the planet.  If you can’t afford a hybrid or EV any average sedan these days get’s good mileage and are incredibly reliable. (You can trust me I was a mechanic for 5 years before going to Cal)
  • Eat less meat.  This one sounds stupid and for me very tough to do, but global meat production, particularly beef are significant contributors to climate change.  Try taking one day a week off of meat, or at least eat smaller portions.



On Friday January 27, Donald enacted the executive order banning immigrants, refugees and legal residents from 7 countries that has become an absolute clusterfuck.  His planned border wall and mass deportations are blatantly heartless human rights violations.

  • Continue the protests.  The massive movement that erupted in the wake of the executive order and in response to the many stranded at airports nationwide was incredibly heartening.  We are out there showing Trump that his hate does not stop us from trying to help others.  Keep showing that there are more of us than his supporters.
  • Support the ACLU.  Immediately following the executive order the ACLU sprang into action filing for injunctions and trying to represent those who are being discriminated against.  The ACLU is a non profit organization and needs our help to do it’s good work.  You can donate here.
  • Switch from Uber to Lyft.  Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sits on Trump’s Business advisory committee and tacitly endorses Trump.  The founders of Lyft announced early Sunday that they would donate 1 million dollars to the ACLU to fight the immigration ban.  After the large “delete Uber” movement took off, Uber announced 3 million for its own employees, but in my opinion this is too little too late.  We should dump Uber and show that the American majority only supports companies that respect civil rights, human rights, and reject the entire Trump agenda.  (Update 2/2/17 5:15 PM)  Travis Kalanick has left Trumps advisory council citing the refugee ban.  While Kalanick maintains that people have been misconstruing his membership with approval of Trump, we did force him to make a definitive statement through the delete Uber protest.
  • Atheists, set aside our disputes with religion.  I have loudly and proudly declared myself an atheist, and I know many of my readers are as well.  In this moment of crisis we cannot afford to alienate religious leaders and communities.  This is much larger than that.  Reach out to local religious groups who are trying to fight this.  In Berkeley we have a church that is preparing a room to shelter any undocumented immigrants facing deportation.  Any church that plans to do this is going to need food, beds, clothing, sheets, etc.  Contact your local churches, encourage them to act and help them if you can.


Women’s and Reproductive Rights

The greatest threat reproductive rights face right now is Trump’s pick for Supreme Court.  While the likelihood of a case reversing Roe v. Wade is extremely slim, the court can make a difference by not overturning state laws restricting abortion rights.

  • Support Planned Parenthood.  As America’s largest sexual health services provider, Planned Parenthood is also the largest abortion provider in the U.S.  The other services they offer are invaluable to those who cannot afford to seek care through other means.  Trump and other Republicans vowed to de-fund Planned Parenthood during the campaign, congress is moving forward with plans to remove funding in the U.S. while a recent executive order de-funded international Planned Parenthood.   Support Planned Parenthood here.

General Items

In addition to specific issue based action there are a variety of things that we can do to resist, not only to show Trump we are bigger than him, but sometimes just to annoy him for fun.

  • Call one of his properties.  The white house is impossible to get ahold of, yet since Trump is the employee of the people of the U.S. I think we should be able to at least leave a message.  So how about calling one of his shitty hotels?  A project called, white house inc will randomly connect you to one of Trump’s properties.  Once their, leave your complaint.  Remember to keep it civil, the idea is to remind Trump he’s a dumbass with no support, not to get the FBI knocking on your door.
  • Follow someone new on twitter.  We all know that Donny is very vain.  I’m sure his twitter following is very important to him, and probably in his mind, the biggest twitter following anyone has ever had ever.  So how about following @HalfOnionInABag.  This joker thought it would be great if a half an onion in a bag had more twitter followers than Trump and I agree.  As I write it’s almost at a million followers and I think we could take it much further.
  • Call Your Congressperson!!!!  This is probably the most important of all for all issues.  Even if you live in a red district, give them a call.  Remind them that they represent you as well.  You can go to their offices, organize protests outside, or any number of things.  Most importantly remind them that we are the majority, and if they do not serve us they will lose their jobs.
  • Vote In 2018.  We have a chance in two years to fix things.  We can regain a Democratic majority in both houses despite Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression.  The mistake in the 2016 election was that none of us thought it possible that Trump would win.  We can not make that mistake again.
  • Divest of all Trump related investments.  (Added 1/30/17 3AM)  We all know the only thing Donny cares about is money.  If you have a financial adviser they can look into this for you, if not, you can do an hour or two of research yourself to find out what you own that may enrich the sleaze in chief.  Hit him where it hurts.
  • Watch Saturday Night Live (Added 1/30/17 11:46PM)  We all know Trump hates SNL, his vain desire to be liked is completely at odds with SNL’s comic honesty.  And to be completely honest, Baldwin does a great Trump impersonation, second only to Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway.
  • Take Fox News’ Online Polls (Added 1/31/17 3:12 PM) The only news outlet Donny listens to and respects is the right wing trash magnet Fox News, so make sure your voice is heard.  Don’t let Fox’s overwhelmingly uneducated right wing viewers get their voice out without ours opinion being counted.  They post several polls a week that are a simple one click vote easy enough for a Fox viewer to complete.  You can visit Fox’s poll page here.

The list will continue to grow.  Please give me suggestions and/or additions and I will add them.  I know I didn’t even touch on half of the categories of things we need to fight.

About Author

Siserough is a writer, political scientist, student, and hockey player who lives in Berkeley, CA. Go Bears!


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