Steven Hayward: Calling The Race Too Soon

Steven Hayward, UC Berkeley Professor and, apparently amateur, blogger.

Oh Steven, you really are just quite the optimist aren’t you?  You really thought that all of the protesting and anger would make Trump’s approval rating go higher.  You see that’s not quite how it works.

I know you’d like to imagine that we are all some kind of mindless drones who go out marching when the “left wing media” tells us to.  But we are the voters.  We are the majority that did not elect Trump, who were fucked over by an outdated electoral college system that gives the idiots more influence than the educated.

Now I like to think that you’d be a better writer than simply putting two sentences before and after a large block quote and calling that a post, but you proved me wrong on that.  Please Steven, I’d like to think my professor puts in more effort than Ron Paul when he vomits his racist thoughts onto paper.

On january 25, you wrote that,

“All of this shrieking by the left is having a predictable effect: his public approval ratings are rising—up to 57 percent in one new poll just out.”

Disregarding the pointless pejorative you employed in framing the yuuuge protests across the nation as “shrieking” you actually thought this would drive his numbers up.  While you were too lazy to link to the Rasmussen reports poll that showed the sleaze in chief at 57% approval, but you could at least try better than citing cut rate rags, The Washington Examiner and Commentary Magazine.  I think there’s a reason one of them isn’t in print anymore and the other has a paltry 33,000 circulation.

Well how about now, with his poll numbers falling and a Fucking resistance movement building.  With Gallup placing Trump at 50% disapproval I think you need to hope we keep doing a whole lot more “shrieking”

Did you forget the anti-Obama protests in 2008?  Have you completely forgotten the embarrassing idiots of the Tea Party in 2012?

Even you couldn’t possibly think it noteworthy that the majority of the country didn’t attend the protests.  It’s simply the dumbed down rhetoric that lets right wingers fist pump behind their computer screens.

I know you’d like to think the 2018 midterms will be all fun and games for Republicans, but deep down you know that isn’t the case.  Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million.  The only reason he won is nobody thought he could, so they didn’t show up to vote.  That will not happen in two years.

My girlfriend asked me the other day why I have the hots for dogging you online.  Simply put, your writing has no substance, it is nothing but mockery and sarcasm.  So, I decided to treat you with the same level of disdain you treat the liberals you so lovingly misrepresent and distort.  I’m going to just lump you in with the average republican exactly as you lump the entire left into one monolithic group, until you show me you deserve otherwise.  It seems all you know how to do is lob ad hominem softballs with no substance, not worthy of my time, so I’ll leave it here for now.  Try to do better next time professor.

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