Radical Right Wing Christian Terrorists Are A Threat To Our Safety. We Need A Trump Supporter Travel Ban.

On Sunday January 29, a Right wing Trump Supporter, and white Christian terrorist attacked the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, killing 6.

In 2012 two Right Wing Christian Extremist terrorists attempted to build a dirty bomb aimed at taking out Muslims.

In 1995 Right Wing Christian White Nationalist Timothy McVeigh Killed 168 in the infamous Oklahoma City Bombing.

Anti-abortion Right Wing Christian Extremists have killed at least 11 in attacks on individual doctors and planned parenthood clinics.

The Ku Klux Klan continues its activities across the country, inspiring fear and hatred wherever they tread, spreading their white Christian Extremist message.

In 1996 White Christian Extremist Eric Robert Rudolph bombed the Atlanta Olympics as part of his anti-gay anti-abortion crusade, killing 2 and wounding 100.

In 1999 White Christian Extremist Buford O. Furrow attacked a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, Killing a mail carrier and wounding five.

In June 2015, White Supremacist Dylan Roof perpetrated the Charleston Church massacre, intending to start a race war.

The list could go on and on.

What do all of these attackers share in common, all of them would have supported, or in some cases have supported Donald Trump.  Richard Spencer, LITERAL NAZI, endorsed Trump’s campaign and was one of the principal organizers of the deploraball in D.C. after the inauguration.  David Duke, the famous Klansmen also endorsed Trump in his campaign, claiming he and Trump have the same message.

With racists of all type emboldened by their new fuhrer we can expect incidents of race or religion motivated crime to increase in the coming year, therefore I declare we need to,



We simply cannot take the risk.  After all, Trump’s number one priority is keeping Americans safe, and no one is safe is psychos like the Canadian terrorist of last Sunday would have been able to enter our country.  The morons on the right want to argue about numbers, saying that research claiming Right wing extremists are more deadly than Islamic terrorists is biased and false.  but even if you skew the numbers in the way they want them, including even non religiously motivated killings, you end up with two more deaths from Muslims than Right Wing Christian Terrorists.  So who is more dangerous?  A Trump supporter or Muslims?

Do they want to really squabble over having killed two less people since 9/11.  Can anybody in their right mind claim that is a significant number.  Fuck no they can’t.

So I call upon President Trump to do the right thing and ban all of his supporters from entering the country.  Keep America Safe.

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Siserough is a writer, political scientist, student, and hockey player who lives in Berkeley, CA. Go Bears!

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