Announcing The Trump And Friends Insult Hall Of Fame

Insult Trump

Come one, come all, from far and wide, announcing the opening of the huuuuge and so, so beautiful, really its the best, everyone agrees, Trump and friends insult hall of fame.

What does Steve Bannon look like?  A wet sewer rat covered in Cheetos dust?  Does Donald Trump sound like an Alzheimer’s patient who thinks he’s Joseph Stalin?  Insult Donald Trump and his cronies to your heart’s content.

We want to know!!!  Leave your best insults here, and if they’re good enough they’ll be permanently enshrined in the

Trump and Friends Insult Hall of Fame

You will also receive a commemorative printout of the page, that you can print on your very own, from your own computer.

Leave your insults in the comments box here or on the hall of fame page.  Be sure to leave your twitter handle, Facebook info, or name, so your insult can be credited properly.

Insult the douchebag-in-chief and his cronies with all of the swearwords they truly deserve, call them names, compare them to various rodents and roadkill, make fun of Trump’s hair, go wild.

Comments containing racial slurs or threats toward the president or any of his administration will not be accepted, and deleted.  Trolls or obvious assholes will be removed.

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