Steven Hayward Refuses To Condemn Anti Transgender Speech By Milo Yiannopolous

As most have heard by now yesterday was a very interesting day at UC Berkeley (to say the least).  Before the protest I was standing near the Berkeley College Republicans Tent on Sproul Plaza listening to the arguments.  It was the usual, the Republicans recorded the entire thing, of which I’m sure 90% will be edited out when they post it, and when asked simple questions like why does the ban not include the countries Trump does business with (where 94% of terrorist attacks in the U.S. have come from) or to name a single terrorist attack the ban would have stopped (including 9/11) they suddenly became quiet or yelled about how Obama did the same thing.

Out of nowhere comes professor Steven Hayward, who teaches constitutional law (not in the law school but in the political science department) walking toward the protest to take pictures, when a student yelled his name.  When Steven Hayward walked over to the College Republican tent, the student asked Mr. Hayward if he would condemn the anti-Trans person statements Milo had said online and in his previous speeches.  Mr. Hayward balked at the question and answered saying, well I got in a twitter war with him last year so I’ll leave it at that.  The student asked the question a second time, to which he responded (directly into the college republican’s phone camera) “I will neither confirm nor deny”

Immediately after seeing the exchange I tweeted what I had heard and received a reply from professor Hayward.


While I cannot confirm Steven Hayward is openly hostile to or anti-trans gender, I think his reply says it all.  He does not care enough to make a simple statement denouncing what was clear harassment and hate speech.

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