Trump Watches Infowars!! (According To Alex Jones)

Trump Watches Infowars

Alex Jones is one of my guilty pleasures.  I just can’t help myself, he’s basically a reverse fact-checker.  If he says something is true, you can usually be assured it isn’t.  So on inauguration day I just had to see what the loon-in chief was saying about his glorious leader.  In his inauguration day broadcast we get the usual ramblings about globalism and the new world order, but he seemingly dropped a gem out of nowhere.  TRUMP WATCHES INFOWARS (3:20 in the video).  Other sources in the past have traced Trump claims back to infowars, the prolapsed rectum of the internet, but here Alex Jones claims Trump told him so.  If it is true that Trump watches infowars, we can be assured that we have a president making decisions of national security, public policy, and diplomacy based on bullshit conspiracy theories.

Other Reasons To Believe Trump Watches Infowars

I am far from the first to suggest that Trump is a conspiracy crackpot.  In June 2014, reported that

“Then, however, reporters moved on to the next story, with no time to Google from whence Trump derived this crackpot notion about water taken from farmers and “shoved out to the sea.” The answer, apparently: InfoWars, the website of lunatic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Who believes, for instance, that the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, was staged by the government, using actors, in order to force gun control down the American people’s throats.”

Similarly Rachel Maddow wrote a column in which pointed out the insane nature of Trump’s relationship with the conspiracy front

It’s one of those situations in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts: It may not be that crazy that Trump is embracing Jones, and it may not be that crazy that Trump is leading the Republican presidential field. But to have the leader of the Republican presidential field embracing someone like Jones? That’s nuts. That’s something new.

Then there’s Trump’s interview with Alex Jones on his infowars program from December 2015 when Trump claims Jones had reviewed his book The America We Deserve “really well.” (4:43)

Finally we have the curious case of the White House Press Pass.  Alex Jones claimed in a YouTube video that he had been offered White House Press Credentials, but that he had to make sure it was worth it.  The White House Press office has, of course, denied that claim.

I truly don’t believe there is any conspiracy here, simply a whole lot of stupidity.  If Trump does watch infowars, which I am inclined to believe he does, it’s just one more sign of how batshit crazy he is.

Don’t forget that Alex Jones is so heartless and driven by greed that he plays on the conspiratorial mindset for his own profit.  From selling bullshit medical products, to survival supplies for the upcoming end times, this nut is the king of them all.  He claims Sandy Hook was a government black flag operation, 9/11 was an inside job, the moon landing was faked, and fluoride is a government scheme to increase cancer and lower IQs.  Fuck you Alex.  You are the real problem.

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