Trump Claims The Murder Rate Is Highest It Has Been In 47 Years


Today at a meeting of the National Sheriffs Association Donald made the absolutely untrue and easily fact checked claim that the U.S. murder rate is at its highest in 47 years.  At this point I am just sitting back in my office chair and screaming at the ceiling.  I know that if I go to conservative sites right now I am likely to see any number of dumbasses trying to defend that claim.

Murder Rate

I used to think, there’s no way people could really be this stupid.  Almost everyone in the country has access to google.  This is something it literally takes about 5 clicks to check.  The FBI puts out a report on crime in the nation every year.  At this point I just have to wonder are they letting Trump write his own fucking speeches?  If they are they need to take away all of his pens and just leave him with a whiteboard marker so they can fix all the errors.

The Murder rate in this country is actually nearing its lowest point in decades.  We have had a small spike upward, but for fucks sake, this claim doesn’t stand up.  I keep wondering how in the fuck they can possibly spin this one, but then I realize that Trump’s followers just don’t care about the facts anymore.  If the murder rate were at it’s absolute lowest in history they would still start shouting about the bloody streets of America and how its all liberals fault.

Just look at the chart above.  Notice anything?  Notice perhaps the drop in murders during the Clinton administration.  Can you see how it leveled off under George W. Bush.  How about the continued drop under Barack Obama.  JUST USE YOUR FUCKING EYES TRUMP SUPPORTERS.  This is even more clear than his inauguration photos.

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