Conatus News, My New Most Recommended Site

I was recently lucky enough to stumble ass backwards into the opportunity to write for a new progressive news outlet, Conatus News.  While generally I will toss out my writings into the internet and let anyone who wished re-publish my work, I have become particularly passionate about the mission of Conatus, and you will soon be seeing stories from me published there alone.  Conatus’ mission statement is

Conatus News is an online blogging platform started by grassroots activists giving progressive voices center stage on issues ranging from current affairs, science, politics, ​education to philosophy and religion.

Conatus has writers from all over the world, tapping numerous PhD’s, journalists, human rights advocates and others.  It is a group of people and a mission that I am very proud to be joining in order to bring the public the best information available, in our mission to help create a better society.

I don’t often go too crazy about any specific news site, but in this case I cannot recommend it enough.  I have been reading all of the articles on the site and I can attest to the incredible quality of the research and writing put into each one.

I hope my readers will follow me over there and enjoy all of the content myself and all the other fantastic writers have to offer. You can also find them on Facebook and twitter, and don’t forget to check out the podcast.

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Siserough is a writer, political scientist, student, and hockey player who lives in Berkeley, CA. Go Bears!

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