About the site:

Skeptics everywhere unite!!!  The Skeptic’s Rebuttal is a place for me to rant, rave, report on, and rebut some of the insane bullshit going on in the world today.  As a skeptic we rely on the principles of scientific thinking and data to look at the world.  Imagine what a world it could be if our governments did the same.  Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be in the cards until at least 2020, so until then I will have plenty to write about.  All skeptics are welcome, if you wish to write a guest post just send me an email at skepticsrebuttal@gmail.com.

About me:

I am a political science student at UC Berkeley in the greatest state of the union California.  I grew up in Sacramento, attended private Catholic school until my junior year of high school.  After high school I worked as a mechanic for 5 years until I was accepted as a transfer student to UC Berkeley.  I am a proud liberal, an LGBTQ ally, hockey fan, saltwater aquarium enthusiast and amateur comedian.

Much of my research and study focuses on religion and it’s effects on political life.  Other areas I focus on include religious fundamentalism in the U.S.  Counterculture movements, cults, white nationalist movements, the alt-right movement, and the culture and politics of atheism.

I chose the nome de plume Siserough because I deeply admire the skill and intelligence of the ancient Roman orator Cicero.  While I never expect that I may be able to live up to the incredible talent of my idol, his works do inspire me.  Cicero fought for truth and justice in the ancient courts of Rome and the senate of that once great empire.  Although justice had a far different meaning then than it does now, his fight was still an honorable one.  In his first speech against Gaius Verres Cicero said,

“Since the whole of our poorer class is being oppressed by the hand of recklessness and crime, and groaning under the infamy of our law courts, I declare myself to these criminals as their enemy and their accuser, as their pertinaceous, bitter, and unrelenting adversary.”

I see my goal, and the duty of all people with means, is to confront the enemies of justice, equality, and progress, and to fight them with our words, in hopes to make the world a better place.