Original Research

Here I will publish research I have done, feel free to reference or use it as long as you cite it properly.  Some of this research was done for my political science degree, other is personal projects that I do because I am an enormous nerd.  Most of it focuses on the interaction of religion and politics, as well as other obscure areas that I find interesting.  I am completely open to criticism and review, as all research can be continuously improved and new data changes the way we view things.  If you want to discuss any of my work leave a comment or e-mail me at skepticsrebuttal@gmail.com


Full Paper is at this link: Fundamentalist Christian Anti-evolution Activity

Abstract: This research paper explores an apparent growth in anti-evolution activity in the U.S. since the 1990’s.  Despite increasing scientific supporting evolution, Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. have sought increasingly to bolster their position and deny scientific evidence in order to support their belief in Young Earth Creationism or intelligent design.  The paper explores the link between political power in the U.S. and the successes anti-evolution activists have had over the last few decades.  The causal mechanism the author proposes for the apparent increase in anti-evolution activity is a “persecution reaction” generated by American Christians’ perception that a secularizing nation is inherently anti-Christian.