Recommended Pages, Friends, And Partners

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Here you can find a list of other recommended places on the internet to get good skeptical news, as well as other sites that have supported The Skeptics Rebuttal.


The good folks over at Science Strike Force are nuts about outer space!! They also run the Science Denier Hall Of Shame, the permanent home of Ken Ham and Ray Comfort.

Keith Eli and Noah over at The Scathing Atheist provide a weekly roundup of the most ridiculous religion news on the internet.  Their sister show, God Awful Movies available on any podcast streaming site, is the funniest look at Christian movies available, and will keep you laughing for hours.

Thomas Smith, one of the most prolific podcasters in the U.S. has recently teamed up with Harvard Lawyer P. Andrew Torrez to make Opening Arguments, a must listen for law junkies like me.

Conatus News, a progressive news startup based in the UK is a fantastic resource for in depth articles and journalism, even some of my own.